DVide Arts Incorporated

President and CEO
Jopacus J. Parrott


Legal Registered Name
DVide Arts Incorporated


Mission Statement
Our mission is to deliver to the world innovative creations in gaming

DVide Arts Incorporated is a leading publisher and developer of video games which span multiple platforms including Android, iPhone (iOS), iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry®, Palm, Samsung Bada, Windows and Windows Phone, Macintosh, Symbian, and Java mobile with over 21+ years of game development experience. Incorporated August 3, 2005 and lead by the skill and dedication of President and CEO Jopacus J. Parrott, DVide Arts has been able to successfully grow into one of the major game development companies in the industry. Partnerships agreements and affiliations with Google Inc, Apple Inc, Palm Inc, Nokia, NVidia, Samsung, Blackberry®, Sony Ericsson, Unity3D, Shiva3D and more allow DVide Arts to remain one of the largest international providers of video games. DVide Arts operates and owns the Crusade Of Destiny®, Earth And Legend® and Angel Sword® titles.

DVide Arts Partners



DVide Arts partners with major companies across multiple industries to ensure that we continue to be a leading publisher and developer of video games. For further information on becoming a Partner with DVide Arts, please contact us