Everyone's luck is different so why choose a lotto picker that knows nothing about you, or that tries to give you numbers based on other people's previous winnings. Lucky Lotto factors in your birthday, age, and astrological current date to give you your true unique daily lucky numbers!

No more fortune cookies and random guessing, you'll get your new lucky numbers once everyday! This is NOT a random number generator. No matter how many times you run Lucky Lotto you will get the same daily lucky numbers until the next day, proof that your numbers are based on the current astrological date and your date of birth. You will get your 5 personal lucky numbers plus a bonus 6th number.

If daily numbers are not enough for you, Lucky Lotto also gives you the option to get your personal numbers each minute! That's right, you can get new personal numbers calculated once every minute of every hour, which are tied directly to your birthday. Not randomly generated for anyone but specifically computed based on you. It's said luck and prosperity is directly related to your time of birth and the current time in the universe so let Lucky Lotto give you the numbers that will change your life!
  • Factor in your birthday, age, and astrological current date.
  • NO random generating. Get results based on you every time.
  • 5 personal lucky numbers.
  • 1 bonus / power number.
  • Saves your birthday so you only enter it once.
  • Option to change the birthday and find numbers for friends and family.
  • Option to get new numbers each day or each minute of the day.
  • Full color graphics and animation.
  • Easy to use interface with on screen instructions.
  • Click screen support (Pocket PC)
  • Always with you when you play the lottery on your mobile device.
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