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Once upon a time, in a land of magic, two wizards ruled in peace. The legend says that the Red Wizard unlocked the power of the Sword of Angels, a blade forged by the gods using good and evil magic.

Over time, the power of the sword filled the Red Wizard with darkness. In order to stop the Red Wizard, a guardian angel was summoned using the power of light. Now you must guide this hero on the path to recover the Sword of Angels and restore peace through out the land. Prepare to battle demons, solve mysteries, and travel across two major lands in search of the legendary Angel Sword.
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Top 10: Angel Sword


 1. CC+ME


 3. AU


 5. 5SOME


 7. GHOUSE...!

 8. ROBIN'



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  • Interactive game characters with in depth stories.
  • 2 lands to explore.
  • Re-playable interactive alternate endings.
  • Challenging animated enemies.
  • Auto save your game progress.
  • Save up to 3 unique games.
  • Submit your game online after completion
  • Full color graphics and animation.
  • Music and sound effects with mute sound option (Windows Mobile and iPhone).
  • Easy to use interface with on screen instruction buttons.
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